Central Geological Laboratory (CGL) of Mongolia is the leading professional organization accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025, ISO Guide 34 and ISO Guide 17043.

We are delighted to announce that new reference material “COAL FLY ASH” CGL 208 was certified and produced by CGL in 2018.

The rapid development of the world economy depends directly on the availability of energy. Today certain part of the world total energy need is still generated from fossil energy resources like coal, oil and gas. Coal is the cheapest among them and has greater known resources comparing with petroleum or natural gas. The low price and the overall availability recently lead to increasing rates of coal combustion year by year.

Different studies on recycling and re-using of coal fly ash is being conducted in many countries due to the development of science and technology. For experimental studies the exact composition of the ash is of crucial importance.CRM of this type of material is therefore in high demand. In order to contribute for this worldwide demand, CGL is offering this CRM of Mongolian coal fly ash.

The material was prepared (cleaning, sieving, splitting, bottling and labeling) at CGL packed in 50 and 100 gram plastic bottles. To evaluate data of certification analysis, “ProLab Plus” software for statistical evaluation was used. An inter-laboratory approach with 21 qualified participating laboratories was selected to obtain a reliable base of data for assignment of the certified values. The certified values and uncertainties of the CRM had been determined according to Nested design, ISO 5725-3, ISO Guide 35. Total of 44 elements were certified and 10 elements were defined as indicative values.

The target application of this CRM can be used as a standard for laboratories conducting coal exploration and analysis, as well as for harmful environmental components contained in volatile ash, as well as for rare earth elements in the ash production and their identification.

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4-р сар 13, 2018